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Transitions; weighted, lifted,held, and spun
Fairfax Library March 1- 30th. Thank you everyone for joining me at the Fairfax Library and help making this such a fun and successful show! I enjoyed meeting everyone, and making new friends.

recent recipient of 2002
Marin Arts Council Individual Artists Grant, painting/2D


Telephone poles are totems of the twentieth century, disappearing. Every day I walk by the same houses, hills, see the vultures in the sky and the blue jays on the phone lines. What is transient? I'm looking at the telephone poles, paying close attention. Each one has a wealth of information flowing through it. A thousand conversations, faxes, emails; a squirrel highway. The old glass transformers sit next to the new plastic ones. The clean new wood nailed to the old. Creosote and titanium. Lichen and moss growing over the aged lines while the young ones are getting fatter and faster. A woodpecker builds a home, while a vulture dries his wings. Each day the poles tell a different story. We often ignore the obvious, the ugly, and the everyday "same olds." But our real experiences with them holds a deeper understanding. A build up of layers is hidden, waiting for a deliberate action with brush or pen to reveal them.
Delicate and powerful survivors. They choose parking lots for feeding grounds. They prefer power poles to trees. They hunt worms at a tractor's heel